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Adelaide Training Camp & Video

6th January 2015

Earlier in December was the Budget Forklift training camp, which was held in Radelaide. This meant meeting all 18 other team members, getting three brand new bikes (n+3-1)*, and riding around some very nice countryside…

The day we arrived we headed straight across to the Adelaide velodrome to pick up our new race bikes. Embarrassingly this was my second ever time at a velodrome. (My first time I accidentally wandered into the velodrome at the Darebin International Sports Centre (DISC) after mistaking the location of triathlon training).

The racing bike is a Cervelo S3 decked out with Campagnolo record groupset, Campagnolo SRM power meter and Campagnolo Bora Ultra tubular wheel set. It’s very nice! Both aerodynamic and light, my new S3 has gone on to take both the Kinglake and 1/20 Strava KOM’s. Hopefully it’ll see the podium a few times in 2015!

A few hours after picking up the brand new bike it was raining and we were out riding. Short story even shorter, Sam Witmitz was T-boned by a car and his new S3 very banged up. Things could only get better from here in the following 6 days, and they did! The training camp was very good. I won’t go into detail about the training, but if I had to pick one highlight besides all the new gear it would have to be the food.

Although the menu didn’t include chocolate jam donuts we had our soigneur Margo cooking some amazing food! Coming back to the accommodation after hours of training to the smell of hot food prepared and waiting for us in the kitchen was simply delightful.

A second highlight would be not crashing on the corkscrew descent. That was nice.

The Adelaide training camp also marks the first time in years that I’ve been to McDonalds. It was a really hot day, we had finished some solid training, and so a group of us went down to get some thick shakes. I was extremely disappointed that the chocolate flavour was “out of order” and I had to settle for vanilla.

Heres the sweet video from Korupt Vision capturing the training camp. Enjoy!

*The minimum number of bikes one should own can be determined by the simple formula n+1, where ‘n’ is the number of bikes currently owned. My formula (n+3-1) includes receiving three new cervelo’s. A race bike, training bike and TT bike. The -1 is last years Search2Retain Wilier going back to the team.


  1. Looking forward to following the season and many podiums mate. Also looking forward to see which KOMs will fall next!

    1. I’ve got my eyes on a few…

  2. Did you spend time on the TT bike in the velodrome? How do you think Jack “Anderson” Bobridge is going to go with the hour attempt?

    1. Nah I didn’t get my TT bike built up while I was on camp. The priority was for those doing the TT at Nationals to get theirs built up first. It takes a long time for a couple of mechanics to build over 60 bikes! Hard to say how Bobby will go, he’s in some good form though…

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