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Back in Girona

1st March 2018

Days, weeks and months have passed without a blog update. The anticipation has been huge! Fan mail turned to hate mail, as my followers became frustrated (mostly my parents) wanting to know what the heck is going on in my life! Without receiving much word, they figured the best thing to do was to pay a visit on their way back home from a skiing trip in Italy. (For the rest of you, this will have to do)!

It was perfect timing. I had just finished a solid training block with three weeks of endurance training and gym twice a week, which meant I had more time off the bike during their visit. Unfortunately, dad became ill and was stuck in bed for three days. In the meantime, I had purchased a new bench for my Rocket Espresso machine from Ikea, which we spent all afternoon assembling. It seems both times my parents have visited, I have acquired more belongings in my apartment. It definitely is starting to feel more like my place, and the amount of things I own here are slowly starting to add up.

One of my new favourite items that I have here is a Le Creuset cast iron pot. I have found that I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking new recipes, and cooking in efficient ways that involve a process where the entire kitchen can be clean before I sit down to eat. Slow cooking, baking, or soups are a great way to achieve this, and it turns out the Creuset does a great job at all of these things. Plus there are usually large amounts of leftovers which can be frozen and reheated for a rainy day. Which is usually a Sunday when I have no groceries and all the shops are closed.

But honestly, the main reason behind the creuset purchase was that I want to start baking my own bread. I stole some sourdough starter from my colleague Mitch Docker (who impressively bakes a loaf nearly every second day). My attempted loaf was a failure, and it turns out I didn’t have the right cooking equipment. I went all out with the nice Creuset to help the baking process, but then I managed to kill the sourdough starter (I think by adding chlorinated tap water). Instead of grabbing some more starter from Mitch, I decided to start my own from scratch, which seems to be coming along… but it is taking it’s time. No bread yet, but I feel like it’s not far away!

Another item I now have is a vacuum cleaner.

As you can tell, many things have been happening here in Girona if the most exciting things I have to tell you about are my new creuset cast iron and a vacuum cleaner. Jokes aside, I have been back in Europe now for over a month. In fact, we departed Australia the day after Tour Down Under (much to my girlfriend’s disappointment)!! The entire team was at the training camp in late January, and since then I have been getting settled back into Spanish lifestyle. If I had to take a quick snapshot of where things are at today, and where things were at this time last year, I’d say I am expecting a far better start to the 2018 season!

I am currently sitting in my apartment, sipping a long black and watching the snow fall outside my apartment window. My bike is ready to go on the ergo, and I have an hour of easy training to do before I head over for a Spanish lesson. I have grand plans to continue with more regular blog updates. I know, I know you’ve heard this before and never seen it come to fruition, but there is no better time than now to make a change! Next up on the blog, I plan to discuss whats new in 2018 other than the obvious name change, my recent training block, and my partnership with Audi Centre Melbourne

I thoroughly enjoyed my parents visit, and was sad saying goodbye at the bus station. I hope you’re feeling better dad!

Next week the team is putting together a little Girona training camp which will provide some good quality training before pinning a number on for my first race back in Europe. It’s been a bit of a wait, and I look forward to getting things started!

Thanks for reading y hasta la proxima,







  1. Michelle Roberson

    Good to know you’re still alive ha ha
    Have been wondering when you’ll start racing…

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Michelle, Yep I’ve been a bit quiet on the social media front lately… Strade Bianchi will be interesting this weekend with the current weather!

  2. Looks like you are ready and primed for a great year and building the cooking skills suggests a good life balance.

    Contractually I cannot comment on your partnership with Audi Centre Melb, but if I could I would say “very nicely done”.

    Enjoy 🙂

    1. haha thanks, I am saddened every time I see an Audi here in Girona. There’s a little dealership on the outskirts of town… maybe I’ll pay a visit one time. I am enjoying the cooking, but it’s also a necessity when living at home. (I was thoroughly looked after while I was living back in Australia, that’s for sure.) Hope you’re well!

  3. A Cook is emerging. Look forward to ameal !!!

    1. Ron, I still remember your slow cooked meal we ate up in Porepunkah whilst camping during one Easter weekend. Maybe you can impart some of your cooking expertise?

  4. Looking forward to see you get some Euro race days in soon mate. Hopefully catch you on Eurosport. I was going to drop past after my last European ski trip as well, but that was in 1990,sooo……

    1. Haha, maybe you need to plan another ski trip in July. Possibly won’t be much snow around, but you can always bring your bike as a contingency plan

  5. Good to hear from you Brendan, all the best for this season!

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