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Cannondale Drapac in 2017!!

21st October 2016

It’s a bit of a cliché but I have to say it: I am extremely excited to be joining Cannondale Drapac in 2017 as part of the World Tour!!

For those of you who aren’t too involved with cycling, a team with a World Tour licence is as big as it gets. The team races in all the big ones: The Tour de France, The Giro D’Italia, The Vuelta a Espana,  and any other big race or classic you can think of. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be lining up in the Tour de France in 2017 for example, but the team will be racing there. 2017 will be bigger and harder than anything I’ve experienced so far, and I can’t wait. Each year has been a step in the right direction, and this is the next step. (It is also a very large step), and the challenge now will be really proving that I deserve to be riding in the World Tour. Hopefully I can be there for many years to come.

For me, this means I’ll be set up again in Europe for 2017, and I plan on making Girona my base. This is where many other Cannondale-Drapac riders live, along with many other professional cyclists.

I am extremely grateful for all those who have given me opportunities along the way, and those who continually support me on this journey. There’s simply no way I would be in this position without it. My season with Drapac this year has been really great, and I’ve constantly found myself at various times in different places around the world thinking how lucky I am.

Drapac Professional Cycling Team gave me the opportunity to stagiaire at the end of 2014 for the Tour of Utah, and then again in 2015 to race Abu Dhabi. These opportunities got me signed full-time with the team in 2016, and so I am very happy to continue wearing the Drapac logo again in 2017, except this time in the World Tour, and alongside Cannondale with many other sponsors of the team!

My motivation is high, and I can’t wait for things to get started.

You can check out the other guys on the team here
You can read the media release from Cannondale-Drapac website here

Thanks for reading!

I've always wanted to use a bus like this!

Oh, and I’ve always wanted to have a team bus like this!





  1. Fantastic news BC. So happy for you.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks AB!

  2. The coffee in Girona won’t be nearly as good as the coffee at the Smiths Gully General Store. Congratulations on your signing and good luck.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Jon! Haha there are a few good coffee places in Girona – two of them are run by a professional cyclist (Christian Meier) and his wife called La Fabrica and Espresso Mafia. But yes, there are limited options otherwise 🙂

  3. Congratulations BC.So pleased to see all the hard work paying off.Cheers Kev.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Kuv!

  4. Huge!

    Congratulations on the well deserved step up. A just reward for the hard work, great results and fantastic attitude.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Tony! I really do appreciate your support 😀

  5. Wishing you the best of luck for an exciting 2017. Great effort!

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks L&G!

  6. Congrats, great to see looking forward to following your results Next season

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Tony!

  7. Well deserved. Glad to hear it’s official. Buena suerte amigo!

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Mucho gracias amigo!

  8. Fantastic news! Well done and all the best for the 2017 season.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      thanks David!!

  9. Well looks like we won’t get you along to a PP Thursday coffee ride now BC! Fantastic news & congratulations on making the next step.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Peter! I have been thinking about the Thursday morning coffee ride, and I’ll try to pencil in one or two over summer when the days are hot!

  10. Enjoy the next phase.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Jim! Good to see you out in Arthurs Creek semi-regularly

  11. Booyeah!

  12. Find it refreshing to read your blogs; always something new happening. Good luck for 2017 🙂 such a cool opportunity:)

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks mate!

  13. 2017 is going to be another very exciting year in your cycling career Brendan. Your hard work speaks for itself in your achievements. Congratulations

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