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Nationals Road Race 2017

12th January 2017

Well, wasn’t the 2017 nationals interesting?!

I have to admit I am still a bit disappointed about what happened. But I am also very happy with my performance and can take lots of confidence away. I gave it a good crack, and had the form to be able to animate the race. Sure, I got my laps mixed up and attacked on lap 17/18 thinking it was the final time around the Buninyong circuit. I got caught halfway up the hill on the final lap, and finished in 7th place for the day.

I do wonder if I could have won the race had I known exactly what lap we were on, but I guess we’ll never know. And that’s why I can’t be too disappointed.

Maybe if I waited and attacked on the final climb I wouldn’t have gotten away? Or maybe, even though I thought it was the last lap, my attack on lap 17 was my chance to win. Durbridge wasn’t too far behind, so if I didn’t commit, maybe he would have caught me around the circuit for the same outcome. Or just maybe, I’d have been able to conserve just a little bit more energy, and have the mental strength to stay away on the final climb and be solo for another lap.

Either way, I didn’t win but the good news is that there’s another national road race next year, and I’ll be back to give it another crack.

One of the best things besides taking confidence from the race was the overwhelming support I had from everyone. Yes, I felt like a bit of a goose, but the amount of support I received quickly alleviated these feelings. You know who you all are! So thank you.

I sat down and did an interview with Cyclingtips talking about the race, you can read it here: https://cyclingtips.com/2017/01/the-nationals-win-that-almost-was-a-chat-with-brendan-canty/

And you can check out my strava file for the day here: https://www.strava.com/activities/824755362/overview

Next up is the Tour Down Under which starts on Tuesday 17th of January, which also happens to be my 25th birthday 🙂



  1. No shame in mixing up laps at the pointy end of the race Brendan. I did yell at the TV and got a tear in my eye for you. But as you say there is another Nationals next year. Good luck with new team. Hoping to see you at TDU.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      THanks as always for the support Wendy. I know how much you give towards our sport, hopefully we can meet at TDU and get a photo for you 🙂

  2. So proud to watch your race on Sunday mate, so much potential and so much humility… Such things are rare these days and can take you to places you ever dreamed of. Keep it all up mate, we’re all there with you.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Nathman! Are you making the trip up to TDU at all? hope things are well for you

      1. A trip to the TDU to leave the wife at home with a 6mth old would be pushing the love a bit too far right now, but I’ll be watching on with interest. Go get ’em.

  3. Mate, so excited to follow your pro career. You pulled back the breakaway group then dropped them on the 17th it was thrilling to watch.

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      thanks Tom!

  4. Always next yr mate! Bloody awesome to watch you last week! Happy riding 🙂

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Absolutely, great to see you at the finish, even if it took me a moment to recognise you. Thanks for coming along and supporting 😀

  5. Last 3 laps were the most exciting of the race mate, all thanks to you! The atmosphere on the hill was electric as I’m sure you would have felt with so many of your fans living their own dreams through you! Best of luck next week and don’t ever stop trying!

    1. bman11476@gmail.com

      Thanks Keith! 🙂

  6. It’s integrity that counts
    A for that
    Why don’t some blokes in the peloton yell out the lap number?
    Or did they reckon you were going for a late breakaway ?

  7. Hey Brendan, I “raced” against you in your first crit in D grade at Hawthorn (when you rode off the front and kicked all our asses). About a month after that Durbo won the men’s title so to see you lighting it up out there alongside him just a few short years later is phenomenal. Super proud to see what you’ve achieved so far. Can’t wait to watch the rest unfold.

  8. You raced like a champion. Taking the race be the horns. So close to victory. Hope the rest of your season is successful.

  9. Awesome effort. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for your at TDU! 4 sleeps to go… I mean, 5 ???? Good luck. Look out for all the crazy Hells500 & #NBRCC crew screaming as you rip up Willinga. Go well????

  10. I’ll put money on you becoming Australian National Road champion at some point in the future

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