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Noosa Festival Long Weekend

5th November 2014

With the NRS season done for 2014 the whole team headed up to the Sunshine Coast over the long weekend to celebrate the season, say farewell to a few riders leaving next season, and race in the Noosa Crit. With only four riders per team allowed I was happy to be a spectator to this event since I didn’t think my sprinting prowess deserved a spot in our squad.

The Noosa Crit is a reasonably large spectacle with good crowds and prize money that offers good exposure for teams and their sponsors, and so Health.com.au-Search2Retain wanted to go out there and have a good crack, making sure we gave ourselves a chance for the win.

The teams plan for the day was for someone to get in the moves, and if it came down to a sprint finish our attention would then turn towards Angus Tobin or Al Donohoe to have a crack. Angus had been told to follow Robbie McEwen, however he didn’t start this year. This meant Angus’ job was successfully carried out despite being involved in a crash midway through the race and being unable to finish due to a broken bike. He got the job done, and that’s all you can ask.

As the race progressed Cam Bayly was our rider constantly getting into breaks and staying off the front. He was unanimously awarded (unofficially) most aggressive rider for the day and almost managed to hold off the charging peloton to the finish, getting caught in the last handful of metres and finishing in 5th place.

Our highest placed rider for the crit was Donohoe however, who managed to pass Brenton Jones on the line to take out 2nd behind race winner Shannon Johnson. Having the task of trying to beat BJ to the finish, Donohoe had also carried out his job successfully. I’m not sure if his salute and fist pumps to the crowd were because he finished 2nd place or because he successfully carried out team orders, but either way he was happy with his race, and so was the team.

Some of the prize money was used to pay for the first round of kebabs for dinner and some celebratory espresso martinis. I was still hungry so ended up having another kebab. The night flew by very quickly, and to be honest I can’t really remember everything that happened between eating the first kebab, and sitting outside the kebab shop again at 3am in the morning.

It was a fun night.

Sunday was a write-off, but for the rest of the time spent away we managed to get in a few hours of riding most days. I would have enjoyed exploring a little more inland and getting some more climbing done but we spent every ride doing ‘beach road rides’ which unfortunately I have to admit were rather enjoyable. It was nice to average over 30km/h without putting much force through the pedals. Still, you won’t see me down St Kilda Rd anytime soon though…

Next up: Social Lake Mountain with the 7 Peaks Domestique crew on the 16th of November.
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