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Pitcher Partners Casual Graduate

23rd March 2016

Last week, you might have noticed I had a couple of days off the bike and didn’t upload anything to Strava. The reason for this was because I was in Queensland with the accounting firm Pitcher Partners for their annual National Graduate Induction Program! Why was I attending this induction program you might ask? Good question! Well, I’ve recently been offered a casual graduate position at the firm in the Private Clients division.

In short, Pitcher Partners is willing to provide the opportunity for me to come in on a casual basis (so that it doesn’t take anything away from my professional cycling career aspirations), and provide the support, network and technical training that will allow me to continue to develop my skills and knowledge learned from completing a Bachelor of Commerce from Melbourne University!

Yes, I am going to be overseas for a long time this year, so you might also ask, what’s the point? Well, it’s true that whilst work opportunities from overseas are limited, they are not impossible. And not only is there still a possibility to get some work done, but I’ll be able to keep up to date and chip away with some technical training. It will be easier to keep up to date with things such as tax reforms, what’s happening in the firm, and maybe even take out the AFL football tipping competition… Let’s hope Richmond Tigers get up for a win this Thursday.

From the little time I’ve been spending in the office, there’s been heaps of stimulus to keep my mind occupied, but not too much to take away from my main job, which is to ride a bike to the best of my ability. It’s a great balance, and I’m extremely fortunate to have this opportunity. In return, I hope to complete meaningful and valuable work for the firm, and think that our relationship could one day become quite valuable for each other!

The National Graduate Induction Program included a few different workshops and activities that were very applicable to life in general, and therefore to cycling. We did some self-awareness testing. Understanding who we are and constantly self assessing is a true way to grow. They say that the only constant in life is change itself, and that the person you want to be in the future is not the person you are today. You’re going to need to change who you are to become that person. To do this, you need to constantly self assess.

Other interesting workshops included long discussions about communication, networking and decision-making. It was really interesting. We also learned a greater understanding of the firm itself, and the services offered. Although this part of a program can seem dry, and as graduates we should already know most of these things, I found it quite interesting. It’s important to know the history of the firm which goes on to help highlight its culture. They say that culture eats strategy for breakfast…

Here’s a quick history lesson for you: Pitcher Partners was founded in 1991 from a group of 14 who left KPMG. They realised a lacking service for clients in the middle market, and set about establishing a firm with a mission to be the leading accounting firm servicing the middle market through strong ideals such as caring for clients, building relationships and earning trust. My brother works at KPMG, so now our childhood rivalry can continue! Also, Ron Pitcher, a founding Partner, has retired and is living only a few doors down the road. It’s a small world!

Linking this back to Drapac Professional Cycling, this job coincides with the third and fundamental pillar from Micheal Drapac’s philosophy: the transition program. This program starts at the beginning of the cycling career and is developed along side the athlete’s cycling career and is in place when the athletic career is finished; it is too late to begin the transition when an athlete’s career comes to an end. An athlete needs time to cultivate the transition process. The transition program is the team’s commitment to its athletes, and believe that it’s a step towards greater ethical leadership in sport.


My trip to Europe is about to begin. I fly out this Friday and although I haven’t packed my bags yet, I feel like I’m ready for the challenges the next handful of months will provide. It won’t be easy, cycling never is. But I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading,





  1. A great move Brendan! Top company you’ll be in too! Private Wealth is not one of the departments of Pitchers I’m familiar with but if they’re anything like the other divisions they’ll be very good for you, clients and cycling. Well done all around. I’m very pleased.

    1. Thanks Alex, I think it’s a really positive step in the right direction!

  2. Great to hear….I remember talking to you years ago when you were undecided about which road to take….now you are on both…well done!

    1. Thanks Jen! Was that discussion up the top of Mt Buller during a 7 peaks domestique ride? Glad to see you reading the blog 🙂

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