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Racing with Drapac Professional Cycling

22nd July 2014

I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ve signed with Drapac as a trainee rider starting on the 1st of August! …And they’re giving me the opportunity to race the 2.1 Tour of Utah starting on the 4th of August!!

There’s no denying that the 7 stage Tour of Utah held in Salt Lake City will be extremely challenging. The stages are long, mountainous and all at altitude. The field includes a handful of world tour professional teams including BMC, Belkin, Cannondale, Garmin-Sharp, Lampre-Merida and Trek Factory Racing. It will be challenging, but I can’t wait to fly over there and give it my best shot to hopefully help the team achieve results.

Over the last month I’ve focused specifically towards longer endurance and climbing since my role in Utah will be to provide support in the mountains where I can. I’ve recently spent 10 days training in Healesville with the team as part of a high altitude performance camp. In short my training has been coming along really well over the last month and I’m excited to see how it translates in a weeks time on the big stage.

Accepting the stagiaire didn’t happen overnight. I understand how big the race is and have considered where I’ve come from and concede that it’s a big leap. But I’ll never know if its too much unless I take the step. Drapac are willing to give me this opportunity because they have identified certain qualities I have that will be valuable to the team. They have reasonable expectations of what I should be capable of and I’m confident I’ll be able to deliver what they want.

Who knows… Maybe I’ll exceed expectations. I don’t know. Let’s find out!
Some of the guys are already in Salt Lake City and the rest of the team fly out this Sunday on the 27th July. I cannot wait!

You can get more tour information here: http://www.tourofutah.com
To learn about Drapac, check out their website here: http://www.drapaccycling.com

I’ll have some time during the flight to write up about the training camp. I don’t think I’ll write anything about the race while I’m away simply because I don’t want anything else to worry about.
But I’ll definitely keep you updated!

For now everything is about training, eating and sleeping. It’s awesome.

Oh, and a massive thanks to my teammates from Search2Retain for helping me get this opportunity and those who are constantly giving unreal support including (and not limited to) my family and friends, Peter Shandon, Stephen Lane and the guys from Peak Cycles. You know who you are =)










  1. Brendan You know Julie and I along with big Nigel will be cheering for you Go show them what you have And take it all in Stay upright and the results will follow

    Good luck and we will see u when u get back We will be watching from down under Chris beare


  2. […] Racing with Drapac Professional Cycling. […]

  3. > they have identified certain qualities I have

    VO2Max of 90+ and power to weight of 6.5w/kg at threshold?

    1. Haha, I’d be very happy to have those qualities Marcus. Unfortunately still dreaming of those numbers…

  4. Bonne chance Brendan dans le tour de Hutah!

    1. thanks Didier! I hope your running training is going well

  5. Hi Brendan. You have probably worked out that I was involved in another sport at an elite level for a long time and not just that old bloke who rides a bike, and drinks coffee in Hurstbridge. You have a great talent so really believe. I know for a fact that higher people in Australian cycling are keeping a keen interest in you. Cheers and enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Jim! i really appreciate the support. Maybe bump into you at bursty for another coffee down the track

  6. Fantastic and well deserved. Bring on ToU

  7. Congratulations mate, thoroughly deserved and so happy and excited for you!! All the best for Utah!

  8. Just unreal news and wishing you really well in Utah mate. Hope it goes really well for you and the team. Cants v Cadel. Love it!

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