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Route Adelie de Vitre UCI 1.1

3rd April 2016

Route Adelie de Vitre. This was my first race in Europe, and I was very happy to wake up with slightly warmer temperatures than the previous few days and wind forecasts of less than 10km/h. The same can’t be said about the Paris-Camembert forecast…

The breakaway went pretty quickly with three guys getting away within the first five kilometres. We had Peter Koning representing Drapac, and were happy to let other teams do the work to bring them back.

The gap quickly got out to about 7 minutes, before some FDJ and the Direct Energie got to the front and started to ride. This meant that the racing was never really hard, but it wasn’t easy either.

Without any real climbing on the circuit, I was a bit surprised that we had nearly 2500 metres of climbing by the end of the day, but my legs definitely started to feel it towards the end.

Not long after we caught the breakaway with about 40km remaining, the racing started. This was where Gavin and myself needed to be near the front, marking some moves and making sure we had representation if another group slipped up the road.

Thomas Voeckler had a little bit of a dig off the front and he was dangerous in this race last year. I found myself following this move, but nothing really got too far up the road. You can look at my heart rate data and see pretty easily where these moves started going. After spending that bit of energy, I quickly realized my legs didn’t feel too good. With two laps to go on the shorter circuit I found myself out the back of the peloton and my day was done.

It was a bit disappointing that I didn’t have more in my legs, and couldn’t stay up there for longer to help the team. In hindsight, I probably hadn’t drunk enough fluids. It’s always harder to keep drinking when the temperatures aren’t so warm.

Unfortunately, our riders who were still in the peloton preparing for the sprint were caught up in a crash with 500m to go, with BJ and Spokes both coming down. You can’t blame the guys for being committed at the finish! Both are fine, and things can only get better from here.

We have today off, before racing Paris-Camembert tomorrow. Winning a big chunk of Camembert cheese might just be the incentive the team needs to get up for a win!

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  1. Camembert from Camembert sounds delicious.

  2. That must have been trouble just to keep it in your chest!!!

    1. I do get some rather high heartrate data, but usually right at the end of the stage or on a longer climb

  3. Hi Brendan,
    I am enjoying following your journey, but it sounds tough!! Keep up the fluids and stay away from those crashes…
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Jenny, can’t complain about traveling around Europe and racing a bike. The weather actually turned out really good for today’s Paris-Camembert race, and I am off to Girona, Spain tomorrow. It’s not so bad 🙂

  4. Cheers for keeping us in the loop – really appreciate it. That’s a cracking lineup of racing the team’s got in the coming weeks … best of luck. 🙂

    1. Thanks Milo – I figure now that I’m overseas for a longer duration, this is a good form of communication to keep those who are interested in the loop with where I’ve been and whats coming up. Yes there’s a few big ones coming up… racing Direct Energie (formely known as Europcar) and FDJ the previous two races was tough. FYI – the winner of today’s race won their body weight in cheese!!! But I’ll talk about that in my next post which I aim to write up on the plane tomorrow on route to Girona.

  5. Brendan, the course nearly went through my home town, 30 km south of it. I suppose that you did not have time to enjoy the sceneries.
    Camembert, beurre et baguette, j’adore.
    Bonne chance.

  6. Love reading your updates. Keep up the great work. (Will miss you at the next BBQ!!!)xxx

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