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TOSW & Phillip Island GP 2015 VRS

11th May 2015

The last two weekends involved two more rounds from the Victorian Road Series: The Tour of South West down in Warrnambool and the Phillip Island Grand Prix (which is raced in Phillip Island… on the Grand Prix circuit.) They were both fun weekends and I enjoyed the racing, but didn’t really come away with any results.

I came in 7th overall for the Tour of South West after dropping a few places on the final stage due to the break away composition that included teammate Tommy Nankervis who went on to win that criterium. My time trial on the first stage was reasonable and I couldn’t complain too much about coming in 6th place other than not really getting my pacing strategy correct. (I started out a little bit too easy and this allowed me to finished strong, however I had lost over 12 seconds after the first 6 minutes and couldn’t gain this time back.)

In comparison to the Mansfield Tour where i won the TT in just under 21 minutes and averaged 351 watts, South West Tour  TT took just on 16 minutes to complete at an average of 352 watts. Given that South west TT was 5 minutes shorter I would have expected to be able to hold more power than what I managed at Mansfield, but sadly this was not the case. I felt strong at the finish and feel like I didn’t leave it all on the road, which is something you simply cannot do if you want to post a really fast time. Still, my time trialling is WIP (Work In Progress) and I’m happy with where things are coming along in that department.

The following weekend down at Phillip Island was also a fun weekend, however I didn’t really manage to get in much racing which was a bit disappointing given both the time and money commitment involved. The main reason was because I missed the start of the road race. I really shouldn’t blame anybody but myself for missing the start but since I can, I’d like to point my finger directly towards Alistair Donohoe from Search2Retain for convincing me the road race started at 11:15 instead of 11:00. Donohoe told me that he’d asked one of the commissaires what time the road race started, and that the commissaire told him that they had pushed the start time of A-grade back. (This story was later verified by an independent third party who overheard the Donohoe asking the commissaire.)

So we rolled down to the start at about 11:05 to find that A-grade was already out on the course and the commissaire told us that we should have been at the start of the race an hour before the start (I find this hard to believe, especially since it was raining). Anyway, we were allowed to take a lap out of the 25 lap race and so we waited around for the Peloton to come through. When they did a small group was already making its way off the front and the peloton was strung out almost single file in a long line. We jumped on the back, but during the 2nd lap big splits opened up during the heavily wind effected sections of the circuit and we were too far back and got caught out from the front end of the race.

The next hour was spent chopping off with Donohoe trying to get back into the race but the gap just kept getting bigger. We had a small bunch with us but everybody else was happy sitting in and content not trying to get back to the peloton. I’m pretty sure I set my best 1 hour power output during this time on Training Peaks (I’ve never really done an all out effort that lasts over an hour).

Chopping off with Donohoe
At least Tommy Nankervis went on to win the race! …but I had absolutely no contribution to it.

It was still good to get in a couple of races in the bunch before heading overseas to compete in some UCI races including the Tour of Saguenay, Phili Classic and Tour of Beauce. Our Flights have been booked and I leave on the 20th of May heading to Las Angeles. It’s going to be an exciting few weeks! UCI means a buffet, and Beauce/Saguenay means Quebec, and Quebec means French… so I’ve pulled out Harry Potter et L’ecole de sorcier to revise some important vocabulary.

During the week I also spent an afternoon in at Peak Cycles to build a bike. If anybody is looking for a new red rocket to race on the George Boston, this bad boy is fast enough to put everybody in the gutter. (Just take off the training wheels first!)





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  1. Wishing you luck with your wizardry and enjoy the beignets. Bonnes sorties!

  2. Thanks for the race reports BC. Entertaining reading. Sounds like some good adventures ahead. All the best with them. Hmmmm…that red rocket looks pretty light!

    1. No worries Kuv, thanks for reading/feedback! Yeah I didn’t pull out the scales but i reckon it would come in under 6.8 which isn’t really UCI legal. Might have to add some fenders or something to beef it up

  3. Was that a full day build on the red rocket mate? I’ve seen how long it took you and your teammates to change your SRM cranks from the TT bike to the roadie….. 😉

    Seriously, great read as usual and I bet you’ll never be late to a race start again!

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