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Upcoming Overseas Racing

19th May 2015

Hey guys, here’s a little bit more detail about the upcoming races in Canada and America.
Mum didn’t know where or when I was racing, so I’m guessing nobody else does either!
I’ll be uploading to strava so you can follow my rides from there.
I also plan on being a little bit more active with Social Media while I’m away.
(I don’t usually tweet that often)

Tour of Saguneay UCI 2.2 28-31st May (Canada)
stage 1: 166.1km (11 laps x 15.1km)
stage 2: 170.4km (8 laps x 21.3km)
stage 3: 74.2km (Criterium 35 laps x 2.12km)
stage 4: 149.9km (14 laps x 10.7km)

Philly Classic UCI 1.1 7th June (America)
a tough 173km raced over 9 laps .

Tour de Beauce 2.2 10-14th June (Canada)
stage 1: 186.2km
stage 2: 169km (hilltop finish)
stage 3a: 21km ITT
Stage 3b: 60km Criterium
Stage 4: 124.8km
Stage 5: 122.4km




  1. best of luck thinking of you young man go show them what you can do ride smart and tough

    chris B


  2. Best wishes for a great time in Canada and USA, will look forward to reading about your rides and adventures

  3. Good luck.

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